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We value our patients' experience at The Spinal Garage Wellness Centre. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to share your story with us.  Your experience will help to inspire others to choose chiropractic care and wellness for their health needs. 

“I have had bronchitis since childhood. Over the years, I have used every over-the-counter cough syrup, suppressant and lozenge. I then progressed to antibiotics and inhalers with cortisone. I have now been going to my chiropractor for 2 years and I have noticed a very big difference during the time that I have been having my adjustments. I no longer need to take my inhalers and antibiotics and although I do still get the odd cold, I have chiropractic care to see me through.” – G. D.

"Ever since a truck had rolled over my neck and shoulder years ago, I had been plagued with severe migraines, headaches, dizziness, memory loss and back pains.  My migraines had become so relentless that they were causing a complete breakdown of my work and family lifestyle.  The only answer my family doctor had for me was pills – pain killers, muscle relaxants, and other various nerve pills.  These medications helped me a little and took the pain away for a while, but really only covered up my symptoms without treating the cause of the problem.  After living with these problems for 6 years, I was urged by a family member to try Chiropractic.  I’m so glad I took their advice!  My migraines and headaches are getting better and the dizziness is starting to go away too.  I would highly recommend chiropractic to others.  Natural chiropractic care has a preventative approach that seems more sensible as it fixes the root of health problems instead of just masking the symptoms." - B.B.

“For my entire life I was constantly sick with either a cold or the flu. I do not remember one month that I didn’t have flu-like symptoms where I had to be given antibiotics to feel better. Since I started chiropractic care I have gotten sick less often (maybe 2-3 times per year). I cannot believe how much chiropractic has helped with not only keeping my immune system boosted so that I stay well, but with my overall health as well”. - K. P.

"It is worth a second opinion.  I was told by my doctor I needed a hip replacement.  Now I don't through chiropractic care.  My chiropractor has worked wonders with my hip". - D. S.

"I have no more back pain, no sinus congestion, and I no longer take the heart medication, and I'm feeling better overall.  The changes I have experienced are wonderful and do not involve taking medication, which can cause other problems". - E. S.

"My daughter had constant colds and a cough.  As a baby she was given antibiotics with no solution.  Due to the cough, she was unable to sleep and any type of physical activity made the cough worse.  Then she was given inhalers to use.

Since she has been having regular chiropractic care, she has less colds, coughs and earaches and she hasn't taken antibiotics or inhalers in 2 years". - H.R.

"I have had headaches and growing pains in my legs and have been wetting the bed at night for about 5 years.  The growing pains would wake me up from my sleep.  Since I have been seeing my chiropractor my headaches have gone and so have my growing pains.  I am not wetting my bed anymore." - B.V. (10 years old)

"I have had severe headaches and lower back pain for 13 years.  I also kept getting colds that ended up in pneumonia and endometriosis for 5 years.  Sometimes I needed to take days and weeks off work to recuperate and just stay in bed.  At one time I even had to stop working for 4 years, and as a teacher this was very discouraging.  I had seen many doctors and was taking Tylenol, Ibuprofen and sleeping tablets plus was told that I needed surgery.  

After I started Chiropractic care, I can honestly say that everything is almost 100%.  I have so much more energy and any sign of lung or sinus congestion disappears with an adjustment.  Even my gums don't bleed anymore!  Everybody should go to the chiropractor to feel rejuvenated!" - T.P.

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